Care To Be Taken Before And After Helix Ear Piercing

Helix piercing and forward helix piercing has become very common in the present days. Besides, both men and women can try forward helix and helix piercing to look stylish and unique. Make sure that you approach a good piercing professional to avoid unnecessary risks.

In short, choosing a non-professional for piercing may cause a lot of pain, in the end. Check the client reviews of different piercing professionals online to find the best piercing professional near your locality. Almost Famous Body Piercing has the best piercing professionals with many satisfied customers. Take their appointment today and get your piercing done to enhance your looks.

What are the benefits of ear piercing?

  • Ear piercing can improve the functioning of your brain. It can improve your memory power as well.
  • Ear piercing can improve your digestive health as well.
  • Ear piercing can be good for your eyes as well.
  • Ear piercing reduces the menstrual pain and this is one of the reasons why most of the women get their ears pierced.

Can pregnant women get their ears pierced?

It is better to avoid ear piercing if you are pregnant.

There are several aspects to take for before you go for piercing as well as after the piercing.

Piercing: Before Care

  • Choose a professional always for any type of piercing.
  • Visit the piercing center at least 30mins before your appointment time. This will actually help you to stay relaxed.
  • Avoid moving your head while getting the piercing done.
  • Check what kind of equipment they are using for piercing.

Piercing: Aftercare

  • Make sure that you don’t touch your ear without washing your hands because the bacteria and germs on your hands may spread on to your ears and cause infection.
  • Clean the piercing at least once for every 2 to 3 days with an anti-bacterial soap.

  • Be careful when doing a head bath because your hair can irritate the wound.
  • Remove the piercing studs only when you feel that the wound is completely healed.
  • Bleeding will generally be controlled within 1 or 2 days post getting your piercing done. Contact a doctor immediately if you observe bleeding or yellow pus coming out from the piercing.
  • Apply a good piercing lotion everyday for quick healing. Check with your piercer before using any piercing lotion. It is better to take their advice to avoid unwanted pain and swelling.

Without any delay book an appointment with a professional local piercer today and look great!

Post Author: Lila Alan