What are some best ingredients to fight hair fall?

The eternal quest for luscious, thick hair seems to be unending. As strands sneakily gather on your hairbrush or bathroom floor, the looming concern of hair fall begins to set in. While various factors can lead to hair fall, the ingredients in your hair care products can play a colossal role in this battle. Knowing which ingredients to look for in your hair fall shampoo, conditioner, or scalp treatment for hair fall is crucial. Let’s uncover these ingredients and give your hair the best fighting chance!

 Five Essential Ingredients for Combatting Hair Fall

When choosing any hair care product that targets hair fall as a concern, make sure to look out for the below ingredients.

  1. Biotin: Biotin, often referred to as Vitamin H, is paramount for hair health. It strengthens hair strands, reduces breakage, and nourishes the scalp. Lacking adequate biotin can be a leading cause of hair loss. Hence, it’s vital to ensure your shampoo and conditioner for hair fall are enriched with this ingredient.
  2. Salicylic Acid: Best known for its deep exfoliating and purifying properties, salicylic acid removes scalp build-up, making certain that the hair follicles remain unobstructed. This can promote healthier hair growth and reduce hair fall associated with scalp conditions. Powered with salicylic acid, try the Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo which comes in two variants – normal to dry hair and normal to oily hair. This hair fall shampoo is designed to fortify your strands from the roots, giving them the strength to withstand breakage.
  1. Arginine: Arginine, a crucial amino acid, is instrumental in promoting hair growth. It enhances blood flow in the scalp, guaranteeing that hair follicles are nourished sufficiently. By strengthening the hair root, arginine effectively reduces hair fall and promotes healthier, thicker hair. Kérastase’s Genesis Masque Reconstituant Mask, with the good qualities of arginine, takes a deep dive into hair nourishment, targeting weakened strands prone to falling.
  2. Amino Acids: These are the building blocks of proteins and essential for hair growth. Amino acids reinforce hair roots, making them stronger and less prone to breakage. They also boost hair elasticity, reducing the chances of snapping and hair fall.
  3. Edelweiss Native Cells: A revolutionary ingredient, Edelweiss Native Cells not only shield hair fibre but also provide intense hydration. This dual action ensures that hair is more resistant to extreme conditions, significantly reducing hair fall from breakage. Filled with the strength of Edelweiss Native Cells, Kérastase’s Genesis Fondant Renforçateur Conditioner not only detangles but also reinforces fibre to reduce the risk of hair fall due to breakage. Similarly, for those looking for an anti-hair fall serum, the Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Serum is a great choice as it fortifies the hair fibre, resulting in lesser hair fall.

 While ingredients are paramount, it’s equally crucial to ensure that they are sourced and formulated with the utmost quality. Kérastase India is a leading name in the hair care arena that epitomises quality and efficacy. Their products don’t merely contain these beneficial ingredients; they’re crafted to perfection, ensuring you get the most out of every wash, condition or treatment.

 Knowing the right ingredients can make a world of difference in your hair fall journey. But remember, while ingredients matter, it’s the quality and formulation that make all the difference. With brands like Kérastase India, you’re not just choosing products; you’re choosing a legacy of hair care expertise.

Post Author: Lila Alan